Around the Big Ten: July 10

Seantrel Henderson, Rivals' No. 1 2010 prospect, has Michigan high on his list.

Seantrel Henderson, Rivals' No. 1 2010 prospect, has Michigan high on his list.

  • The Seantrel Henderson Sweepstakes — The Daily Gopher — The Minnesota blog, as well as aggregating info on the nation’s premier 2010 prospect, puts together an interactive map of the teams fighting for Henderson’s commitment. Michigan will likely get an official visit, and already made a good impression on the massive offensive tackle during an unofficial visit this summer.
  • Big Ten Bloggers’ Fearless 2009 Predictions — Lake the Posts — The only Northwestern football blog on the planet polls several Big Ten blogs for their predictions for the upcoming football  season. Rich Rodriguez is voted “Most Likely to John L. Smith”. This is not a good thing. We’re also predicted to finish ninth. I get the feeling the rest of the Big Ten doesn’t like us very much.
  • Five Things for Heisman — Eleven Warriors — This Ohio State blog gives a list of five things Terrelle Pryor must do to secure the Heisman Trophy. Not listed: kneecap Tim Tebow.
  • In Defense of the Manzi — Black Heart Gold Pants — BHGP comes to the defense of quarterback Ricky Stanzi, comparing his numbers favorably to several, more higly-regarded, Big Ten quarterbacks, including the Heisman candidate listed above. Yes, Stanzi did produce more offensive yards than Pryor last year, but (1) he was a year older, and (2) he threw five more picks and only two more touchdowns. Wait, why am I defending Terrelle Pryor?
  • Playoffs, Realignment, and Relegation: A Revamp of the BCS System — The Only Colors — Despite an entirely unnecessary Appy State reference, this MSU blog puts together an incredibly interesting playoff system that, unfortunately, will never happen. I haven’t seen relegation brought up as a potential part of any playoff system, and I think it’s an incredible idea. Really well thought-out by Pete Rossman, and definitely worth a read.

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