Around the Big Ten: August 3

How much longer will Jim Tressel coach Ohio State?

How much longer will Jim Tressel coach Ohio State?

  • Friday Ruminatin’: There’s a devil waitin’ outside your door — We Will Always Have Tempe — With the possibility that Jim Tressel will retire when his contract expires in 2012 (he has stated that he wants to coach 40 years, and he’s already coached 35, and not much beyond), WWAHT looks at possible replacements. May I suggest John Cooper?
  • Opponent preview: Michigan State defense — The Wolverine — Michael Spath continues The Wolverine’s opponent previews with a look at the Spartans’ defense. The linebackers and defensive backs look good, but MSU will have to improve their defensive line play while replacing two starters.
  • Previewin’: Iowa — Maize n Brew — Beauford agrees with most of the pundits, putting Iowa at 9-3 and third in the conference. Am I the only one who thinks Iowa is a fraud?
  • Checking in with … Penn State’s Darryl Clark — — Adam Rittenberg with the interview, which touches on the rest of the Big Ten quarterbacks, Clark’s concussions (three in his career), and him helping out incoming freshman (and former Michigan commit) Kevin Newsome.
  • Time to change? Big Ten debates playing games in December — Toledo Blade — Another battle of tradition versus progression, which seems to be a common one in the Big Ten. Personally, I think Big Ten teams will eventually have to start scheduling December games if they want to have a better shot at BCS bowls, individual postseason awards, and the like. The best solution would be adding a twelfth team and having a conference title game, but that’s going to be tough to pull off.

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