Around the Big Ten: August 15

Spartan hockey player A.J. Sturges is not pleased that Glenn Winston is back on the MSU football team.

Spartan hockey player A.J. Sturges is not pleased that Glenn Winston is back on the MSU football team.

  • Hockey player upset Winston reinstated — — The Winston saga has been covered in detail already by other news outlets and blogs, but I will say that this story should have gotten as much local media coverage as the Feagin incident, if not more. At least we kick our criminals off the team. Good for A.J. Sturges that he spoke out against his own school and stood up for what he thought was right.
  • Small to return, with limitations — Columbus Dispatch — Ray Small is still (barely) hanging on to a spot on the Ohio State team, but Jim Tressel says Small will “probably not” be in the mix at wide receiver. This leaves an inexperienced position for the Buckeyes with even less experience, assuming that Tressel doesn’t relent as the season progresses.
  • Wisconsin suspends safeties Carter, Pleasant — — Shane Carter and Aubrey Pleasant, both backup safeties for the Badgers, are suspended indefinitely for undisclosed reasons. Carter, son of NFL legend Cris, led the Big Ten in interceptions in 2007 but has been plagued by off-field issues. Both players have started in their careers.
  • Buckeyes’ Boren to miss several weeks — — Sprained knee. Commence holding tongue.
  • PSU’s Wallace likely suspended for 1-2 weeks — — Man, ’tis the season, I guess. Corner A.J. Wallace is projected to start for Penn State, but will probably be suspended for at least the opener against Akron because of academic issues.
  • Sources: Big Ten to have 3 Jan. 1 bowls — — Big Ten drops the Alamo Bowl and adds the Gator Bowl, which would pit the No. 4 or No. 5 Big Ten squad against the No. 3 ACC team. This adds another Jan. 1 bowl game for the conference, so the move is fine by me.
  • On the record: Penn State, steady as she goes — Dr. Saturday — The Doc projects Penn State to take the Big Ten, and places Michigan seventh, between MSU and Northwestern. It’s hard to argue with most of the choices here, although I think Wisconsin is rated a little high at 5th.
  • Precedent — On Wisconsin! — A spirited defense of Bret Bielema from On Wisconsin!, comparing Bielema’s first few seasons to stretches of Barry Alvarez’s Badger coaching career. However, the argument leaves me wondering how Alvarez became such a legend with all the stretches of inconsistent/mediocre seasons.

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