Introducing The Wolverine Blog Store


Note: I’ve changed the location of the store to a new site on Blogspot, since integrating PayPal and WordPress is a royal pain in the behind. All links have been updated accordingly, and the store is now live!

I am excited to announce that The Wolverine Blog now has a store! I have partnered up with Abbas Husain, who is the man responsible for the fantastic creations pictured above, to start printing and selling shirts. The store link (which is currently ugly text, but that will be fixed) is at the top of the right sidebar. Right now, we have two t-shirts available for pre-order. Since both shirts are for the Oct. 3 Michigan State game, and the shirts will not be finished printing until Wed., Sept 30, there are two shipping options for now:

  1. Priority Mail (1-2 business days): Please select this option if you live outside the Ann Arbor city limits. Priority shipping costs $5. Shirts will ship out on Wednesday, Sept. 30.
  2. Pickup: Pickup is actually delivery, but PayPal doesn’t have a “Delivery” option. We will be delivering the shirts on the Friday before the game to anybody who orders within the Ann Arbor city limits. Delivery is only $1. Please specify your delivery preferences in the “Special Instructions” box when making your order, or we will simply drop the shirt off in your mailbox.

Regardless of what shipping option you choose, please keep in mind that the shirts will not be finished printing until Sept. 30 (at the latest). We cannot guarantee delivery will be within two days, but we do promise to ship as soon as the shirts finish printing. Shirts are in limited supply, so make sure to get in your order ASAP.


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