Sick Day

Sorry for the lack of posting today, but I’m headed back to bed, as I feel like my body is channeling all my inner angst about the football team through my sinuses. Adding joy to my day: David Molk is out for the season with a torn ACL (via MGoBlog), which is totally unrelated to the foot injury he suffered last month. Some quick links to get you through the day:

  • The Verdict Is, Unfortunately, In — MGoBlog — Brian’s take on the game. It looks like we have the same tactic for coping with crappy games: forget 90% of what happened and allow the rest to mesh together into one horrific sequence of events.
  • Preseason Three Point Analysis — UMHoops — Dylan busts out the scatter plot to show that Michigan needs to improve some with their three-point shooting to reach the level of Beilein’s successful WVU squads. Also, it’s basketball, which we can all be excited for right now.
  • SAE Mud Bowl 2009: Recap and Photos — MVictors — Greg with the recap of the other football game last weekend, with a photo gallery included. Unfortunately, no gratuitous shots of the sorority battle, as it didn’t happen this year. Damn.
  • Attention, Brilliant Football Coaches of the Internet — Genuinely Sarcastic — Linked to this yesterday, but it’s really worth a read. Other Brian nails the rant against message board crybabies and armchair coaches.

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