Blogpoll Ballot: Week Nine (Draft/Final)

Rank Team Delta
1 Florida 1
2 Texas 1
3 Alabama 2
4 Boise State
5 Iowa
6 Oregon 5
7 Cincinnati 1
10 Penn State
11 Georgia Tech 1
12 Southern Cal 5
13 Oklahoma State
14 Ohio State 1
15 Pittsburgh 1
16 Utah 1
17 Houston 1
18 Miami (Florida) 1
19 Arizona 3
20 California
21 Notre Dame 4
22 Wisconsin
23 Virginia Tech 9
24 Oklahoma
25 Auburn
Last week’s ballot

Dropped Out: West Virginia (#20), South Carolina (#21), Mississippi (#23), Central Michigan (#24).

Didn’t get to a draft on Sunday, so this will serve as both my draft and final ballot; changes can be made until tomorrow morning, so if I made an egregious error, make your case in the comments and I’ll make changes this evening.

Moving Up (and In): Yup, there’s a change up top, even though Alabama was sitting at home on a bye week. I think Florida and Texas have both been more impressive over the recent stretch of play, so UF and UT move up a spot as the Crimson Tide drop to three. Oregon obviously jumps after a (very) impressive victory over USC — I was considering moving them above Iowa, but undefeated is still undefeated (at least when you’re in a major conference).

With several teams exiting the poll, Arizona and Notre Dame move up at the bottom, and Cal, Wisconsin, Oklahoma, and Auburn reappear on the ballot. There’s little rhyme or reason to my rankings down there — we’ve reached a point where pretty much every team at the bottom is very uninspiring, but I sure as hell wasn’t ranking BYU again.

Moving Down (and Out): USC’s drop mirrors Oregon’s rise, which seems about right. Virginia Tech plummets to the bottom of the poll, but as noted above, there’s a huge dropoff between the teams barely hanging on to a spot and the guys on the outside looking in, so they stick around at 23. West Virginia, South Carolina, Ole Miss, and Central Michigan (I knew I shouldn’t have ranked them) exit after losses.

Games Watched: Honestly, between Halloween festivities and post-Michigan game depression, I didn’t watch a whole lot of football this weekend. Michigan-Illinois, UNC-Virginia Tech, and bits of Oregon-USC pretty much covers my weekend viewing. If anything I did above seems idiotic, blame that, and leave your thoughts in the comments.


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