Hate Week: tWorst Tattoo Ever

This was posted last year over at FanIQ, but is definitely worth a mention this week. How terrible is this tattoo? Let me count the ways:

  1. Brutus appears to have borrowed his jacket from a serial flasher. Or Michael Jackson.
  2. Michigan’s facemasks are blue, not yellow. Yes, he can plead ignorance for that, but…
  3. Brutus wears a gray hat, you idiot. I won’t even nit-pick about the shirt’s thin stripes and lack of “BRUTUS” lettering (OK, I just did).
  4. Um, what the hell is up with his foot? It looks like the head of a toothbrush.
  5. Why the weird double eyebrows?
  6. Finally, either Brutus is spraying the winged helmet with a very watery packet of mustard, or he’s pissing out of his belly button.

This man might as well have just branded the word “dumbass” onto his forehead. For his sake, I hope this guy is unemployed — it’ll save him the embarrassment of getting fired the first time he comes to work in shorts.


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