To The Alumni:

They say not to blog angry, but this has nothing to do with the outcome of the game, and I feel it needs to be said: The alumni turnout for the game was nothing short of embarrassing. There must have been close to 40,000 Ohio State fans at Michigan Stadium today, and only a few of those were in the student section. By the second half, the fans dressed in scarlet and gray had practically taken over our own home field. I will never be able to shake off the image of Ohio State fans chanting “O-H I-O” in all four corners of our stadium.

If you sold your ticket to an Ohio State fan, for any reason other than necessity, I hope you strongly consider giving up your season tickets to some real Michigan fans. Today’s showing, on Senior Day, when the team needed us most, was pathetic. The student section did their job, showing up and making noise like we always do. I can’t say the same about the rest of the people who held tickets to the game. I’ll stop writing before this becomes an even more bitter rant than it already is, but I truly hope this never happens again.

  1. bluetell said:

    couldn’t agree more. when i walked in before kickoff it looked like most of the people in the south endzone were buckeye fans and then when OSU took the last kneel it looked like an OSU home game. really embarassing

  2. Suburban Scarecrow said:

    I could hear the Ohio chanting on TV, and I thought there was way too much red in the stadium. I despise fickle fans. I thought we were better than that.

  3. BigBlueJ said:

    Thank you for raising this issue. I had the same thoughts sitting there in the stadium today. It was embarrassing, disgusting, gut wrenching. Never again should this occur. Never!

  4. goblue26 said:

    This has been a rant of mind for years. I want the security guys with the binoculars to be making note of opposing fans in our seats. A season ticket holder should get one warning and then lose their seats. Between MSU last year and the OSU game today, I’m ashamed to be a season ticket holder.
    I’m disgusted about losing and all the turnovers, but that comes with a young team.
    Let’s support our U. Quit being fair weather fans.
    GO BLUE! All in for Michigan.

  5. hank hankerson said:

    There is one way to prevent this from happening. WIN. That’s it. We always hear how college football is a business. Well, produce a product that is worth seeing and the season ticket holders will be there. Otherwise, you will continue to see large numbers of visiting fans.

    It wasn’t nice having huge groups of OSU fans nearby, but I know that for myself, this team is NOT worth watching in bad weather. If it had been rainy, I would have taken the first buyer with the cash (Ohio uses American currency, believe it or not).

    And I don’t really owe anything more to the players on the field other than to show them respect. Over the past 25 years, I’ve given more to the university in time, money, emotion, etc. that there really is no sense of obligation for me. The relationship between me and the university is simple. You give me something and I’ll reciprocate. For the most part, the football team hasn’t held up their end of the deal.

  6. MGOCANADA said:

    1 Word……..Amen

  7. Wade said:

    Lots of those tickets that Ohio bought were student tickets, they are not allowed to resell them and ID should been shown when using a student ticket.
    Easy fix, and why wasn’t it fixed long ago.

    • bluetell said:

      i hope you aren’t suggesting that the ohio state fans got in by purchasing michigan student tickets because if that’s the case you couldn’t be more wrong. the student section attendance was par for the course. it was the damn alumni that sold out the football team. how do you get off calling yourself a michigan football fan when you sell your ticket to the ohio state game to a buckeye.

  8. Joke House said:

    Fans at Michigan Stadium have always been a joke. Quietest 110,000 fans in America. Oops, I mean quietest 70,000 fans……

  9. John said:

    Michigan are the Browns of the Big 10.

  10. Hudson Jason said:

    Damn. If we won that game, we could have went to the Little Caesars Bowl. How many days has it been since Michigan beat Ohio State?

  11. MW Klawit said:

    What’s sad is Michigan’s record should be worse. Refs helped them against Indiana. Yes that’s right, they needed help against Indiana.

  12. EastCoastBlue said:

    UM fans are the first to boo and the last to cheer. The “Big Library” is proof of that. For being the largest venue, it is towards the bottom of the list for being a difficult place to play. Yes, the design doesn’t trap that much noise, but there also isn’t much noise to begin with. First time players and opposing players always comment about the amount of people when they step on the field. They never talk about how crazy and “in-to-it” the fans are.

    It was difficult to stomach yesterday, but having that much red in the stadium is just insult to injury. Winning cures all, and RR and co. need to do that. Next year will be better.

  13. Rick Jans said:

    Just going to get worse next year. With the widening of the seats and having handrails added the true fans will be squeezed out even more. Michigan Football will be a event for the rich. I too was at Saturday’s game and was more disgusted with all the ugly red jersey’s more so than the final score. I urge all the alumni that come to a game and act as if it’s a library or sell the tickets to the enemy for the most important game of the year to give up your season tickets so the real fans can make the Big House an imposing place to play.

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