Wolverines on the Web Liked the Flyover, At Least

(Slightly abbreviated Wolverines on the Web today … I’m struggling with a never-ending sinus infection and my internet connection keeps cutting out. Hooray, life.)

The video above comes courtesy of Maize and Blue Nation, who also has a second angle of the awesome pre-game flyover. Like Brad says at M&BN, there’s really nothing that compares to seeing a flyover live — it never fails to give me chills. Brad also has his reactions to the game posted, and his first statement just about sums up my feelings perfectly:

Rich Rodriguez did not throw 4 interceptions or fumble the ball in endzone. Tate Forcier did. Anyone who thinks Rodriguez should be fired is wrong. We had a gameplan to win this game. Rodriguez/Magee had a plan to move the ball against tOSU’s defense…and it worked. We just made too many mistakes.

Amen. Reactions are also up from MGoBrian, whose ennui is so strong I can barely muster the motivation to finish this sentence; Maize n Brew Dave, who, like me, was not particularly pleased with the amount of Ohio State fans in the stadium; and Burgeoning Wolverine Star, who thinks Vincent Smith solidified his spot as the 2010 starting tailback (I agree).

Greg over at MVictors has some pretty cool photos from before the game, including one of Paul Bunyan Jake Long and even CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta. The WCBN blog compares Tate Forcier’s freshman year to Mark Sanchez’s rookie season with the Jets, and also has an interview with 2010 commit Ken Wilkins, who was visiting for the Ohio State game.

In non-football sports, Dylan exchanges questions with Creighton blog The White and Blue Review before Michigan faces off with them on Thanksgiving, and The Blog That Yost Built details the depressing fallout from the Czarnik departure and Jack Campbell’s decision to play in the OHL. Even the hockey fans are saying ‘at least we have basketball’.


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