Farewell, Donovan Warren


Donovan Warren has decided to enter the NFL Draft, and will not be returning to Ann Arbor next season.

Commence freaking out about next year’s secondary.


  1. pzar11 said:

    Shit. Damn. 2011 can’t come fast enough.

  2. Dave Kelter said:

    Sorry Donovan that you are leaving, good luck in the NFL. You really aren’t that good though, even with your interceptions you still got burned all year.

  3. Ace Anbender said:

    Dave — I don’t know what Michigan games you were watching this year, but I sincerely hope they weren’t the same ones I watched, otherwise you might need to get your eyes checked.

    Warren may not be a first-round guy right now, but he was — by far — the second-best player on the defense this year, and he didn’t get any help from the safeties all year.

    There’s no need to be bitter about a guy leaving and lash out at him. It’s just classless.

  4. Mikey said:

    So help us all that Mike Williams grows a pair of wings on his shoes in order to cover on defense. I’m really hoping Troy Woolfolk, JT Turner, or Vlad somehow emerge….like literally out of no where.

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