Wolverines on the Web Lays Bricks

Odds are good this didn't find the bottom of the net.

Odds are good this didn't find the bottom of the net.

It’s been a crazy week of college football news, with Pete Carroll leaving USC for Seattle and the subsequent stunning hire of Lane Kiffin by the Trojans. I’m with Brian on this — USC seems to be mocking the NCAA and their investigation into possible recruiting violations by hiring the man who was the recruiting coordinator who brought in Reggie Bush and Joe McKnight. The Trojans will be a very, very easy team to root against in the near future, starting with hopes that the NCAA drops the hammer on them in a month or two.

Dylan posted a chart at UMHoops that probably sums up this basketball season as well as anything I’ve seen — a simple scatter plot of Big Ten teams’ 3PA/FGA against their three-point percentage. Guess which team chucks up nearly as many threes as any in the conference despite shooting them worse than any Big Ten (or national, sadly) team? If you didn’t guess Michigan, well, you’ve been one of the lucky ones who hasn’t been watching the games. Burgeoning Wolverine Star does post a response to this, questioning if the difference in shooting percentage between last year and this year is statistically significant, but I think it’s hard to argue with worst three-point shooting team in the country. Just a note: this isn’t a knock against Beilein’s offense or how the team is running it — it’s designed for shooting threes, and Michigan doesn’t have much choice but to take them. They just don’t have the shooters who are knocking down shots right now. Hopefully this changes soon.

In football news, MGoBlog has the scoop on Mark Snyder, former Marshall head coach, Ohio State defensive coordinator, and Minnesota defensive coordinator, who has interviewed with Michigan for the vacant defensive assistant job. Any time you can get a former head coach and coordinator to come in as a position coach, I think it’s a strong hire. It would be nice if Michigan could lock up Snyder and set him out on the recruiting trail before it gets too close to signing day.

In other links, Maize n Brew Dave makes an impassioned (and statistically backed) argument that Brandon Graham should have been a first-team All-American, MVictors digs up a great picture of the legendary Wistert brothers on eBay, and the WLA tells you, the Michigan football fan, who you should want to replace outgoing Provost Teresa Sullivan. Remember, it’s all about football, people.

UPDATE: Forgot to add this when I originally posted, but JC Shurburtt, ESPN recruiting analyst, posted on his Twitter feed that the Tampa Tribune is reporting that a deal between ECU coach Skip Holtz and South Florida could be finalized today. That would be good news for Michigan, as offensive coordinator Calvin Magee has interviewed for the USF job and is one of the finalists to take over there.


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