Michigan State to Change Helmet Logo (Update: With Photoshop Contest)

According to MLive.com, Michigan State will be unveiling a new helmet logo in April. The Wolverine Blog has obtained an exclusive sneak peek at the new logo:

Nice to see State sticking strongly to program tradition with this move. Glenn Winston would surely approve.

UPDATE: A few more logo suggestions coming via The Wolverine’s message board, courtesy of MGoGriff:


That Alfred E. Neuman is just classic. This got me thinking: this news is just begging for a Photoshop contest. Email any MSU logo suggestions to ace@thewolverineblog.com and I will post up the best of what I get (or possibly just everything, depending on how many submissions I get) sometime soon.

  1. liz said:

    how’s your football and basketball team doing? been to a bowl game in the last few years? how about the fab five that you can’t talk about on campus? make fun of MSU all you want. YOUR university has been the biggest joke for the last few years (or more in the case of basketball).

    • adam said:

      How about the players you have had at your school who weren’t even academically able to play there fresh year? That was because they barely had double digit ACT scores. The funny part is, they could barely do that but all of sudden were able to pass class in college.

    • Mike said:

      U of M has more wins than any other college football program as well as the fewest losses. No one even knows that Michigan State has a football team…

    • Cory said:

      Our football team will be just fine liz, none of them beat up hockey players in the off season or start brawls at Fraternities so that’s a plus!!! Your basketball team is good and should be hailed as a highlight of your university and the state, even so don’t let 2 vitories in a row (which took awhile to do) get to your head!!! Chin up though only 37 more in a row and the football record between the 2 will be even!!

      GO BLUE!!

  2. Ace Anbender said:

    Geez. I thought Michigan fans were touchy these days.

  3. steve said:

    I’m impressed. It must have taken a group of U-M scientists 2 or 3 years to develop those ideas. Does the U-M basketball team have a logo of Tractor Traylor’s overturned Ford Explorer?

  4. Ace Anbender said:

    State fans making fun of OUR scientists? I don’t even know what to say to that. At least we’re not putting our geology department on the cutting block…

    Also, it was Maurice Taylor’s Explorer. Get your shit-talking straight. And considering golden boy Mateen Cleaves was in that car, maybe just consider yourself lucky the Ed Martin fallout stayed away from East Lansing.

  5. Hecklers said:

    Hey! As a life long State fan and ardent hater of anything in Maize and Blue, I gotta hand it to you nerds – these are actually pretty funny. Maybe you’re finally getting the pole out of your asses. That would be a good thing if you did.

  6. Mike said:

    how’s your football and basketball team doing? been to a bowl game in the last few years?

    funny you ask liz. we did go to a bowl game and we WON it against the defending national champions. the capital one bowl in 2008 (making it in the last few years) a significantly better bowl than the champs sports and the alamo combined.

    keep talking about football. we will too.

  7. jazmine said:

    hey i like option 3 i don’t know bout you guys but im gonna vote 4 option 3

  8. Andrew said:

    You forgot that we too went to the Capital One Bowl. It was the year you guys switched “roles” with us. We didn’t win, but then again, we still made it to a New Year’s Day bowl…well I’ll just leave it at bowl to soften it a little. MSU-1 0-UM

  9. Jake said:

    Hey Ace, can I get a bigger version of your ski-mask Sparty? I’m in the student section tonight and that would look fantastic on a sign.

  10. B said:

    Dear Mike,

    Getting pounded by Georgia is not an impressive thing to bring up. Then again, getting pounded is what Michigan State does best, so I guess you might as well thump your chests. You certainly do it about your girls, the sweet parties, and “oh man, did you see that chick brah!”

    Go back to your academic joke of a community college.

    • B said:

      And by Mike of course I mean Andrew. The virulent stupidty had me there for a second.

  11. Jeff said:

    Sparty!! NOOOooooOO!!!!

    LOL @ MSU. The second-rate school now has a second-rate logo to match. You want to talk trash? Then talk about MSU academics because they are complete and utter rubbish.

  12. Eric said:

    Big Ten Football Championships:

    University of Chicago – 7
    MSU – 6

    Oh yeah, Chicago stopped playing football in 1939.

  13. Eric said:

    Oh yeah, and your last Big Ten football championship, in 1990, was a 4 way tie.

  14. Eric said:

    Big Ten Championships as of 2008.

    U of M – 343
    MSU – 78

    It’s almost the same…

  15. james said:

    Option #1 – too tall for little brother

  16. dan said:

    Mich fans praising their academics on a sports blog? If you’re writing on this page, then you’re not carrying that schools gpa. Its most likely your foreign imports handling that end of the job.

    • Ace Anbender said:

      Are you insinuating that Michigan students can’t achieve academically and enjoy reading about their school’s sports? While you, yourself, are commenting on a sports blog? As a Michigan student myself, I would find this insulting if it wasn’t so incredibly idiotic.

  17. JalapenoPete said:

    Getting a chuckle out of your type-o… Last I checked, the Big Ten was founded quite a bit later than 1667 (but 343 straight Big Ten-ish crowns would be impressive).

  18. Jalepenos Not Thinking said:

    Jalapeno, the 343 refers to all sports, genius.

  19. Brian said:

    Enjoy watching 3 line and the boyz get their azz handed to them again tonight…Another year another loss against State in Football, Basketball and Hockey…At least you have Softball and spring to look forward to.

    • Jeff said:

      Actually State’s Baseball team is much improved, so softball just might be their last chance. Sad.

  20. Josh said:

    Haha. Neither of your schools can talk. UM can’t even make a bowl and MSU can’t even beat a team that fired their head coach a couple weeks before the bowl. Both teams are an embarassment to the Big Ten, and OSU rocks both of you every year. I dunno if UM is even a rival for the Buckeyes anymore. You guys would have to win every once and a while. Anyway, you should all consider that you are in Michigan. That whole state smells like hotdog water. Have fun playing for 5th place in the Big Ten next year!

    A happy fan of the 2010 Rose Bowl Champion OSU Buckeyes

  21. Brian said:

    Nobody asked you suckeye…Thanks for not getting embarrassed in a New Years Day game, time to shut down until August since the hoop$ team is underperforming again, you need to get back to paying your basketball players more so you can start winning again. Enjoy your day in the sun with football once the NCAA starts looking around you’ll go the way of USC down, down, down…

  22. Josh said:

    Thanks for the heads up. Any advice on how to deal with having a shitty fb team?

  23. bodenny said:

    Yea, nice logo. But we all know the best thing about Sparty is his skirt.

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