Harris Reinstated; Grady Back With Hoops Squad

Manny Harris will return to the basketball team after a one-game suspension.

Manny Harris will return to the basketball team after a one-game suspension.

Well, it appears Michigan will actually have a chance tomorrow night against Michigan State; Manny Harris was reinstated to the basketball team by coach John Beilein today, ending Harris’ suspension at one game after an incident at practice last Friday. Harris sounded appropriately apologetic for his actions:

“I fully accept the suspension from the coaching staff,” Harris said in a statement. “It was the correct decision. I cannot tell you my disappointment for letting my teammates down and showing the lack of leadership that I normally try to provide.”

I don’t have a lot to add to this. Obviously, Manny made a decision that had a very negative impact on the team, and that is certainly disappointing. He has owned up to his mistakes, however, and I trust that John Beilein and the team have ironed things out. Since we still have no details as to what actually happened, it’s time to move forward with the knowledge that Beilein was able to handle this in-house. Even if Manny’s suspension may have cost the team a victory at Purdue, I trust that Beilein really was doing what was best for the team, and Manny himself, with the suspension. Let’s move on.

In other basketball-related news, current Michigan slot receiver and former point guard Kelvin Grady has rejoined the basketball team. Grady will contribute as a scout-team guard, and is already imitating MSU’s Kalin Lucas in preparation for tomorrow night’s game. He will make a decision at the end of the season about whether he will permanently stay with the basketball team, but Beilein said that football will remain Grady’s main athletic focus at Michigan. Regardless of his role, it’s nice to see Grady back with the hoops squad, and Michigan needs all the help they can get depth-wise. Don’t expect Grady to have much of an impact during games this season, but it will be interesting to see what he can provide to the team as a practice player and as a potential contributor moving forward.


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