Wolverines on the Web Sounds the Cannons

The WLA, in the wake of the MGoBlog/Maize n Brew piped-in music feud, gives their own proposal for how Michigan should handle in-game music: cannons. Like, real ones. The above video comes highly, highly recommended, as long as you don’t mind over-the-top visual enhancements and, well, cannons (and Miley Cyrus, briefly). Chitownblue, you are full of WIN.

Signing day has come and gone, and Michigan has 27 shiny new recruits to talk about: The Rivalry, Esq. evaluates the class, Burgeoning Wolverine Star and MVictors run down yesterday’s press conference, and the Big House Blog has highlights of preferred walk-on Baquer Sayed, a three-star WR from Dearborn. MVictors also has the audio from yesterday’s grilling of Rich Rodriguez by Drew Sharp and Dave Birkett on Demar Dorsey’s legal history, for those of you who missed it. My quick take: Dorsey was acquitted of one charge, and the other was dropped, and he was 16, he hasn’t been in legal trouble since, and I think it’s pretty uncalled for to turn a signing day presser — when we are celebrating the arrival of these high school kids — into a moral discussion about an 18-year-old. Rich Rod obviously did his homework checking into Dorsey’s background, and decided it was worth it to offer him a scholarship. I realize these reporters were doing their jobs, but they took it too far when it comes to a juvenile — back off, let the kid have his day, and the issue will be addressed in full if Dorsey hits a legal snafu as an actual adult.

In hoops, Dylan had a correspondent at the Grand Ledge – Jackson game last week, and he has a full scouting report and video on Jon Horford, Al’s brother and a potential 2010 recruit for Michigan. Horford put up big numbers against an undersized and overmatched opponent — he appears to be a pretty raw prospect, but a guy with the potential to be a solid Division I player.


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