It Could Be Worse: A Video

The last year, to say the least, hasn’t been kind to the Wolverine faithful. Taking lumps from all three major sports programs on a day-to-day basis has taken its toll on my sanity and well-being. Sometimes, I need a reminder that things could, in fact, be worse. Thankfully, there’s a school in East Lansing that has a long, storied history of making people in Ann Arbor thankful that they root for Michigan. Without further ado, I give you the Michigan State football program, edited for your viewing enjoyment:

Thanks, as always, to Michigan State. You guys really know how to make a Wolverine happy. Or, at the very least, less depressed.

[A quick note to MSU trolls ready to pull the “but we beat you!” card. Yes, you have managed to beat us twice in a row (for the first time since 1967, I might add). Yes, you are not facing NCAA violations right now. But nothing — nothing — our program has gone through in the last two years is more embarrassing than having 11 players plead guilty for putting on ski masks and ambushing some frat boys. Especially when the ringleader in the fight was a guy your head coach let back on the team straight out of jail before the season. Sorry. Your argument is invalid. If you really still feel like commenting, don’t be offended if I don’t take the time to respond. It’s not worth it.]

  1. tater said:

    Nice piece: it’s great to see Misdemeanor State University put in their place. Funny how they love to rewrite history as if the last few years are the only ones that ever existed in football and the Magic and Izzo years are the only ones that ever existed in basketball.

    I still don’t understand why any kid’s parents would sign off on an MSU scholly when there is such a criminal environment on campus. Apparently, if you join their football team, there is about a one in five chance that you will be arrested for a misdemeanor in your time at MSU.

    Those aren’t great odds for parents who truly care about their kids.

  2. I agree whole heartedly with Tater. Those low-lifes from East Lansing really think they are something. If they only had 10% of the tradition that Michigan has they woould be something, but their not.

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