Summers Expected to Play; Comcast Picks Up Bemidji State Game

Defenseman Chris Summers is expected to be back on the ice this weekend.

A couple pieces of good news for Michigan hockey fans today. First, Michigan’s captain and top defenseman, senior Chris Summers, is expected to play on Saturday after missing the last two weekends with a deep thigh bruise:

Following Wednesday’s practice, Berenson said he is over 80 percent confident Summers will return this weekend for Saturday’s 7:30 p.m. Midwest Regional contest against Bemidji State.

“I thought he looked pretty good again [on Wednesday],” Berenson said. “He’s such a free skater, and that’s an advantage he has. And he’s a senior. He’s fit. He’s worked hard in this whole rehab. If he gets through the next few days, he’ll play.”

In that same article, Michael Spath reports that goalie Bryan Hogan has still not been cleared to play after not skating in Tuesday’s practice. While Michigan obviously will be starting Shawn Hunwick no matter what, it would be nice to get Hogan cleared just in case Michigan — for whatever reason — needs to bring in a backup. As it stands right now, with Hogan sidelined, Michigan’s only other goaltender on the roster is freshman walk-on Patrick Summers, the younger brother of Chris who hasn’t seen a single career minute of ice time. Right now, unfortunately, Red doesn’t sound optimistic about Hogan being able to dress this weekend:

“I would have to really confirm that Hogan’s ready to dress,” Berenson said. “That means he’s ready to go in and play if we really needed him. Right now he’s not.

Unfortunate, but I did say I had a second piece of good news. For those worried about having to find a bar carrying the game, or wait for the tape-delay telecast on ESPNU, fear no more: according to the Michigan hockey twitter account, Comcast channel 900 has picked up Saturday night’s game, which starts at 7:30 EST.

Sunday’s regional final, if Michigan makes it that far, is still scheduled for 8 pm on ESPNU.


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