Basketball Assistant Mike Jackson Leaves for Purdue

With a newly-vacant assistant position, would Michigan entertain the thought of bringing back Jalen Rose as a coach?

Surprising news this morning from a surprising source — the basketball team — as several Michigan news outlets are reporting that Michigan basketball assistant coach Mike Jackson has left the team for a position on the Purdue basketball staff. This is certainly not good news for the Wolverines, as Jackson, who played basketball at the University of Detroit and graduated high school from U of D Jesuit, was known as the best recruiter on John Beilein’s staff and worked closely with the team’s guards.

People with a greater knowledge of Michigan basketball may disagree with me here, but to me, this sounds like the perfect time for the Wolverines to see if Jalen Rose would be willing to give up his TV gig at ESPN to return to Ann Arbor. Jackson worked with Michigan’s guards and was a good recruiter with deep ties to the Detroit area — Rose was one of the finest guards to even don a Michigan uniform, starred at Detroit Southwestern High School, and I have a hard time imagining he would be anything but a great guy to have on the recruiting trail. It’s just a thought, and in all likelihood the Wolverines will go in an entirely different direction, but as a fan I’d certainly love to see the team at least explore the possibility of bringing back one of the Fab Five, especially since Rose has expressed a strong interest in coaching at some point in his career. At a point where most teams have their coaching staffs set, there also may not be a lot of great options out there, and it could be very tough to find someone with as strong a tie to both the University and the State of Michigan as Rose.

Again, the previous paragraph is entirely speculation. I’ll have more on the situation when a list of potential replacements comes out.

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  1. nadia said:

    Lavell Jordan will be Jackson’s replacement

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