Demar Dorsey Not Admitted, Released From Commitment

It’s official, and officially depressing: Demar Dorsey will not be suiting up for the Wolverines this fall, or ever. MGoBlog’s TomVH scored an interview with Dorsey himself last night in which the recruit sounded very unsure of his status with Michigan, and now the Detroit News caught up with his father, Eddie Jackson, who put any hope of Dorsey coming to Michigan to rest:

The father of Michigan recruit Demar Dorsey said his son is now free to look at other college options.

Dorsey, a four-star recruit from Boyd Anderson in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., has signed and returned papers to Michigan that release him from the letter of intent he signed in February, his father, Eddie Jackson, told The News Wednesday morning.

Jackson said Dorsey met Michigan’s academic-entrance requirements with an 18 ACT and a 2.5 grade-point average.

“He signed a letter of intent but basically what happened, I guess he didn’t qualify to their standards,” Jackson said. “Admissions sent him a letter that they weren’t going to admit him to the school and said to disregard the other letter (of intent) and was free again to start looking at other options.”

I don’t have much to add to this — everything I said yesterday still holds true, in that this process has been incredibly unfair to Dorsey and is an embarrassment to the school and the program. Word is Rich Rodriguez is furious about the situation, and I don’t blame him one bit. He got cleared by someone at the school to offer Dorsey a scholarship, Dorsey qualified, and admissions refused to let him in (despite what sounds like a strong push from the coaching staff to reconsider) — this is not only unfortunate for Dorsey, who now has to find another school, but for Rodriguez and his staff, who will certainly be placed under scrutiny by recruits (and opposing coaches recruiting Michigan targets) about their ability to get commits on campus who may be borderline qualifiers.

In short, this entire situation sucks, and I hope Demar Dorsey can find a school and excel there — I just wish that school could have been Michigan.

  1. Mikey said:

    God we needed him in our secondary.

  2. Voice of Reason said:

    This reflects POORLY on the University President, the Academic Director and Most of all the Admission’s office. If Dorsey was cleared to be offered a scholarship, then he should have been admitted if cleared by the NCAA. It seems like we have some in house politics going on here that is anti RR and the administration is not doing anything about it. Last year they didn’t admit Witty, and now it’s Dorsey. Other recruits will see this and not give Michigan a second look. I’m not sure what type of leverage that the admissions department have to play these games but the top needs to step in NOW and straighten it out. When this is allowed to happen it harms the entire university. It will take a while for the university to live this down.

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