It's Official: Nebraska to the Big Ten

What appeared to be a formality was just that, a formality, as the Nebraska Board of Regents voted this afternoon to join the Big Ten Conference. The Omaha World-Herald has the story:

The University of Nebraska football program is about to enter a new era following a vote by the NU Board of Regents Friday afternoon to align with the prestigious Big Ten Conference. Athletic competition is expected to begin in 2011.

Acting on the advice of coaching legend and current NU Athletic Director Tom Osborne and Chancellor Harvey Perlman, the regents voted 8-0 to apply for membership in the Big Ten.

It appears to be a formality that the Big Ten will accept Nebraska’s membership quickly, leaving only one more Big 12 season.

Welcome to the Big Ten, Nebraska. I’m looking forward to seeing how this whole expansion plays out, but even if the Big Ten stop at 12 teams, I’m very pleased that they have added a prestigious program to the fold.

UPDATE: Wow, that didn’t take long at all. The Big Ten has unanimously approved admitting Nebraska, according to ESPN:

Nebraska made it official Friday and applied for membership in the Big Ten Conference, a potentially crippling blow to the Big 12 and the biggest move yet in an offseason overhaul that will leave college sports looking much different by this time next year.

Hours later, the Big Ten Council of presidents and chancellors unanimously approved Nebraska’s application.

Adam Rittenberg (@ESPNBigTen) has added some details on his Twitter feed:


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