Michigan Player Ratings in NCAA Football 11: The Offense

An overhead view of Michigan Stadium in NCAA 11, via SBNation.

Well, it’s that time of year again: the NCAA Football ’11 demo came out a couple of days ago, and yesterday EA unveiled this year’s Teambuilder feature, which includes ratings for each player in the game. I’m working on a full spreadsheet of Michigan player ratings, but for today I’ll feature the key offensive players:

  • Despite an outstanding spring performance from Denard Robinson, Tate Forcier (or, in the retail version of the game, QB #5) is your starting quarterback. Forcier garnered an 86 overall rating with 85 speed, 88 acceleration, 75 awareness, 88 throw power, and 85 throw accuracy. Robinson isn’t far behind, however, and at 81 overall with 92 speed and 96 acceleration (as well as 90 throw power and 77 accuracy) he provides a very interesting alternative to Forcier for player who prefer a more mobile quarterback. Devin Gardner earns a solid 76 rating as a freshman, and with 90 speed, 94 acceleration, and 94 throw power, he could turn into something special in dynasty mode. Conelius Jones is also included, and comes in at 66 overall.
  • I’ll give credit to the folks at EA: they nailed just how competitive Michigan’s running back situation is. Tied atop the depth chart at 85 overall are Vincent Smith (91 speed, 96 acceleration) and Michael Shaw (87 speed, 94 acceleration), and Michael Cox (83 overall) and Fitzgerald Toussaint (82 overall) are both close behind. Austin White is also included in the game, but at 67 overall he won’t be much of a factor, at least virtually. I would’ve liked to see Stephen Hopkins get the nod as the token freshman tailback included in the game, as he could have had some use in short yardage situations, but what can you do (at least until custom rosters are released).
  • Mark Moundros is Michigan’s only fullback in the game, despite his part-time move to defense this spring, and he received an 80 overall rating.
  • Michigan’s wide receiver situation is just as muddled as the tailbacks. Roy Roundtree earns the highest rating at 86 overall (with 93 speed and 80 catching), with Martavious Odoms (92 speed, 77 catching) and Junior Hemingway (87 speed, 82 catching) tied behind him at 85 overall. Darryl Stonum is your fourth wideout, coming in at 84 overall with 94 speed and 80 catching. Kelvin Grady (78 overall, which surprised me), Je’Ron Stokes (76), Terrence Robinson (75), James Rogers (70), Jerald Robinson (66), and Ricardo Miller (73) round out the position group. Can’t say I agree with Rogers and Grady being included over Jeremy Gallon, but again, we’re nitpicking here.
  • At tight end, Kevin Koger is your starter at 86 overall, with 83 speed and 74 catching. He is followed by Martell Webb (78 overall) and Brandon Moore (77 overall).
  • From left to right along the offensive line, your starters are Patrick Omameh (86 overall), Stephen Schilling (84), David Molk (96 overall, best on the team), Ricky Barnum (83), and either Mark Huyge or Perry Dorrestein, who both earn 85 overall ratings at right tackle. Taylor Lewan received an impressive 84 overall rating as a freshman left tackle, and Quinton Washington is another redshirt freshman to watch with a 77 overall rating.

Tomorrow I’ll have an overview of the defense as well as the completed spreadsheet of all the Michigan player ratings, and on Friday I’ll spotlight key players from around the Big Ten and on Michigan’s 2010 opponents.

UPDATE: Here’s the spreadsheet containing pertinent player ratings for every Wolverine in the game (click here for a key if you need one): Michigan NCAA ’11

At first glance, the defense is a mess — people will need to make a lot of position swaps and roster edits to get it close to the lineup Michigan will field in the fall. Also, a small part of me will die when I have to edit Demar Dorsey into somebody else. Ugh.


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