Michigan Football YouTube Bracket: Honorable Mentions

Don't panic: this isn't an honorable mention.

I completely forgot about this in the craziness that was Big Ten expansion, the Demar Dorsey saga, and everything else that has gone on in the past few weeks. Allow me to quote myself:

It’s summer, the time when bloggers rack their brains for something — anything — to write about and college football fans count down the seconds until foot meets pigskin. So, welcome to my latest gimmick: The Michigan Football YouTube Bracket. I’m looking high and low for the best Michigan football moments ever captured on YouTube — the moment could be a play, a player’s performance from a game (think Braylon Edwards vs. Michigan State), a speech, whatever — and for you, the readers, to vote on the moment that stands out above the rest.

After receiving your submissions (many thanks to those of you who did email me or leave a comment), I have decided to break down the bracket into two categories: On one side, we have the “Game Performances/Game Winners” division, which features either outstanding individual games or game-winning plays for Michigan; on the other, we have simply the “Spectacular Plays” division, which is exactly what it sounds like — all the great plays that didn’t fall under the previous category.

Now that I have scoured YouTube high and low for Michigan highlights, I have formed the 16-video bracket. Before I start revealing the videos that made the cut, however, I want to highlight some plays and moments that didn’t make the list:

Michigan’s Final Drive vs. Notre Dame, 2009:

This video was barely edged out of the “Game Performances” bracket, and it may have been given a spot if the 2009 season had turned out differently, but I will still remember this game as one of the best I’ve ever attended. A beautiful day, a hard-fought, back-and-forth game, and a last-minute victory over Notre Dame — it’s tough to ask for much more.

Adrian Arrington’s catch vs. Florida, 2008 Capital One Bowl

This was actually Arrington’s second spectacular catch (here’s the first) en route to amassing nine receptions for 153 yards and two touchdowns in Michigan’s upset victory over Florida in Lloyd Carr’s final game. Two hands for safety? Try one hand for awesome.

Michigan KO’s Kirk Herbstreit vs. Ohio State, 1991

I normally don’t revel in the pain of others — even Buckeyes — but since we all know Herbie came out OK, and he did yank all our chains with the “Les Miles to Michigan” rumor, well … enjoy.

Desmond Howard’s catch vs. Minnesota, 1990

One year before Howard’s Heisman campaign, he was still filling up highlight reels with catches like this touchdown against Minnesota. He makes pulling down the fade and dragging his toe look downright easy in this clip.

Bo Schembechler’s “The Team” Speech, 1983

This video needs no introduction — if I could have found a way to fit this speech into the bracket, I would have, but the categories didn’t quite work out. Even as a younger Michigan fan who grew up in the Moeller/Carr era, I can’t listen to this without getting chills down my spine.

I’m sure there are several more videos that deserved mention, but those were the standouts to me out of what was available on YouTube. I’ll begin revealing the bracket tomorrow with the 1 vs. 8 matchup in the “Game Performances/Game Winners” category, with the winner for each matchup being determined by you, the readers.

  1. Wade said:

    :O what! no Charles Woodon?????? so many BUT the INT vs MSU is a must..

  2. Ace Anbender said:

    Wade — These are just the honorable mentions. Don’t worry, C-Wood will make an appearance or two when we get to the actual bracket.

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