Fun With Team Photos: Bo

Last summer, I spent far too much time combing through the incomparable Bentley Library to find, for the most part, the goofiest-looking Wolverines ever captured in team photos. In February, Greg over at MVictors posted a great video of Fielding Yost’s team photos through the years, and ever since then, I’ve wanted to do something similar with the other legendary figures in Michigan football history. Today, I finally got around to it — with a big hat-tip to Greg for the idea, here’s Bo Schembechler throughout his entire 21 seasons at Michigan (minus the 1972 season, when the coaches weren’t included in the team photo):

I think we can all be thankful that our coaches no longer wear the maize eyesores from the mid-70’s through mid-80’s. I love how Bo seems to either be all smiles or very serious on team photo day — that perfectly captures the spirit and intensity of Bo, who was either his players’ best friend or their biggest enemy, depending on how the practice or game happened to go that day.

Let me know if you like the video — if so, I’ll certainly get to work on one for Lloyd Carr, and I have a couple other ideas bouncing around in the ol’ noggin along these same lines.

  1. backusduo said:

    Great post. He doesn’t seem to age for 15 yrs, and then all of a sudden he gets old overnight. Hanging out with kids will do that to you. My kids have been alive 6 yrs and overnight I have all gray hair. I can relate.

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