Your M Football YouTube Bracket Winner: Desmond Howard

I’m out of town for the next couple days (posting will probably be light/nonexistent until Wednesday), but I wanted to make sure to post this: In a runaway finals victory over Tim Biakabutuka’s 313 yard game against Ohio State, Desmond Howard’s “Hello Heisman” punt return against the Buckeyes is your pick for the greatest Michigan football moment on YouTube. After posting some painful memories last week, let’s kick this one off the right way:

Congratulations to Desmond — I’m sure he’ll be printing out this page and placing it on his mantle between his Heisman and Super Bowl MVP. If you’d like to go back and check out all the videos from the bracket, click here for all Michigan Football YouTube Bracket posts. I’ll be back Wednesday kicking off the football season preview content in earnest.

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