MGoBlog: Michigan, Alabama Will Play in Dallas in 2012

A 2012 matchup would be the first between Michigan and Alabama since the 2000 Orange Bowl, which the Wolverines won 35-34 in overtime.

Well, this is certainly some exciting news for a lazy Sunday afternoon: MGoBlog’s Brian Cook is reporting that Michigan and Alabama will sign a contract to play a neutral-site game at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas in the 2012 season. More details:

  • Game is happening because a desperate Jerry Jones “overpaid.”
  • Michigan will be the nominal home team (important mostly for TV rights) and receive more money.
  • There’s no additional game scheduled and there may not be.
  • Jones might be well-positioned to provide some advice on HD scoreboards.

This is particularly surprising considering Michigan is scheduled to face Notre Dame in South Bend in 2012, so they’ll be able to play a maximum of six home games that season — Jerry Jones must really have opened up the wallet for this one. Like Brian, I’m a little disappointed that this won’t be a home-and-home series between the two storied programs, but the exposure of a matchup of this magnitude with a top-flight SEC school in a state-of-the-art stadium more than makes up for that, especially when the assumed alternative is another home game against a MAC opponent. Without a doubt, this is another feather in Dave Brandon’s cap, which must look something like this by now.

More details to come when (or if, I guess, but Brian tends to be right when he’s breaking stories) a formal announcement is made. For now, enjoy some WolverineHistorian highlights from the last time the Wolverines took on the Crimson Tide:

1 comment
  1. Mikey said:

    Man oh man, this is great and I really hope this helps with recruiting. Dave Brandon has hit the ground running and he’s doing a phenomenal job.

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