Five Things I Want to See: UConn

Be loud.

Usually, I will go into some football analysis every week, listing the five specific things I want to see in the upcoming game. This week, though, that list is short and simple:

  1. A raucous crowd.
  2. A victory.
  3. A victory.
  4. Any way we can get it, an effing victory.
  5. A smile on RichRod’s face after the game.

That’s it. If the secondary is a disaster, I’ll deal with it. If the passing game is shaky, I’ll deal with it. If the linebackers don’t know what they’re doing, I’ll deal with it. As long as Michigan wins.

I’m officially past the point where I can do any sort of real thinking  — MGoBlog luckily has us all covered with an insanely exhaustive season and game preview. All I can think about is two flyovers and Brock Mealer and record-breaking attendance figures and touching the banner and a Michigan football game in the newly-renovated Big House and really, if I try to think about it any more, my brain will explode. So, I just got off the golf course, and I’m going to watch TV or a movie or something to make the time go by because it’s the Night Before Michigan Football and I’m done stressing about the upcoming season.

Tomorrow, there will be a game, and many of our questions will be answered. For now, I’m going to enjoy the excitement of anticipation, because, ultimately, it’s just a game, and more than anything else I’m happy it’s football season once again. Have a great weekend, and Go Blue.

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