I don’t profess to know anything about college baseball, and don’t follow it beyond the occasional glance at the Big Ten standings, but Michigan’s 15-14 victory over Northwestern yesterday is more than worth mentioning. Why, you ask? Well, Michigan was down 14-0 in the third inning before launching an epic comeback, which was capped off by a two-run game-tying home run in the bottom of the ninth by Chris Berset and a walk-off solo shot by Mike Dufek in the 10th.

Oh, and it was Senior Day. The game gave Michigan a 2-1 series win and a tie for second place in the Big Ten, one game behind Minnesota, with one final regular-season series against last-place Penn State before the Big Ten Tournament. You know a college baseball game is special when it makes Sportscenter, and ESPN has the highlights here from the amazing comeback.

For much, much more on the game, the series, and Michigan’s standing in the wild Big Ten, check out formerlyanonymous’ recap over at MGoBlog.


The above is WolverineHistorian’s latest YouTube masterpiece, a compilation of Michigan running back highlights from Jamie Morris all the way through Mike Hart. For me, it’s great to see not only guys like Wheatley, Biakabutuka, and the A-Train on film again, but also the players that predated my time watching Michigan football (I’m going to sound really young here) like Morris, Leroy Hoard, and Tony Boles (holy crap, was he ever fast). When you find a spare ten minutes, watch the whole thing — you won’t be disappointed.

In other YouTube goodness, Greg went through the Bentley Historical Library and picked out all the pictures of Fielding Yost from the team portraits, compiling them into a cool video that shows how he changed from year to year. Seeing Yost age before your eyes really puts into perspective how long he was here, and also how far camera technology progressed during his Michigan career.

In football posts, Brian posted his breakdown of the defensive position battles for the spring. He gets very similar results to what I posted in my depth chart, except he expects (but does not want, by the way) Troy Woolfolk to remain at corner, with a big ol’ question mark at free (box) safety and Vlad Emilien playing strong (deep) safety. I still expect Woolfolk to end up at SS, but we’re all just guessing at this point, anyway.

Maize n Brew scored an interview with ESPN’s Big Ten blogger, Adam Rittenberg, on the 2010 recruiting class. They talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the class, Demar Dorsey, social media in recruiting, and also what fans should expect out of this class:

MnB Dave: Should Michigan get its hopes up for 2010 because of this recruiting class?

AR: People should be excited about this class. But people also need to understand that this recruiting class needs to be a difference making class. Michigan will score points this season, but if the defense doesn’t get a lot better it’s not going to matter. The defense will have to make plays, and as a result these incoming defensive recruits will have to contribute right now.

Over at Genuinely Sarcastic, (Other) Brian tells us to give up hope on getting class of 2011 linebacker Lawrence Thomas of Detroit Renaissance, a school that has become a Michigan State pipeline in recent years. While Antonio Watts’ affinity for the Spartans, and apparent dislike of Rich Rodriguez, certainly doesn’t improve Michigan’s chances of landing the potential five-star prospect, I don’t think Rodriguez and his staff are ready to write off Renaissance as a lost cause. Thomas is the best prospect in the state in his class, and you can expect Michigan to be heavily involved in his recruitment.

With more rumors flying around about Big Ten expansion, Maize and Blue Nation does a two-part look at expansion, breaking down the potential teams and then looking at possible conference alignment.

In hoops, Dylan throws five questions at former captain David Merritt in preparation for tonight’s game against Iowa. Topics include Darius Morris, the Minnesota game, Michigan’s defensive improvement, and what the team needs to do to stay motivated. He also posts a scouting report and video of class of 2011 prospect Amir Williams, a four-star forward who may be more college-ready than 2010 prospect Jon Horford. Here’s Calvin, who scouted Williams and took the video, on the 6-10 Detroit Country Day prospect:

That being said, whoever lands Williams is going to get a heck of a player.  We still don’t know if he’s done growing.  He can leap, he’s quick and he has pretty good hands.  His offensive game can be molded essentially from scratch. Defensively, he will always be a threat. Basically, he will be an immediate contributor just because of his size and athleticism coupled with the presence he can provide in the post. And that’s awesome.

Sounds like a guy we could use. Obviously.

In hockey, The Blog That Yost Built has a great Olympic anecdote on Jack (MF) Johnson, and also a recap of Michigan’s depressing sweep at the hands of Nebraska-Omaha, which almost certainly ensured that the Wolverines will have to win the CCHA Tournament to earn an NCAA berth. Worst. Year. Ever.

Finally, Formerlyanonymous starts his baseball preview series at MGoBlog by looking back at last year’s team. I’m going to avoid commenting, as every team I love has made me miserable this year. Maybe if I completely ignore baseball, we’ll win something.

Despite the commitment of Rivals three-star Stephen Hopkins, Josh Helmholdt thinks Michigan still has a need at running back.

Despite the commitment of Rivals three-star Stephen Hopkins, Josh Helmholdt thinks Michigan still has a need at running back.


  • Premature Assessments: Michigan picks itself off the mat — Dr. Saturday — Matt Hinton previews the Michigan football season. His “non-binding forecast” puts the Wolverines at 7-5 with a .500 record in the Big Ten, something I’d happily accept. Also, you’ll probably recognize the YouTube video he embeds in his post…
  • Defender at the Gate: Stevie Brown — Wolverine Liberation Army — WLA member cfaller96 declares this to be the year that Stevie Brown finally has a positive impact on the defense, thanks in no small part to Greg Robinson, his magnificent hair, and the spinner position. If you don’t love the WLA, I really don’t know what to tell you.
  • Running back still a need for Michigan in the 2010 class — Detroit Free Press — The Wolverine’s Josh Helmholdt thinks Michigan needs to add at least one running back with the impeding departures of Minor, Brown, and Grady. With Austin White announcing on July 15, this may become a moot point in the very near future. Brennan Clay is still a longshot, even with his commitment to Oklahoma, and I would love to see him added to this class as well.
  • Putting the ball into athletes’ hands — — Brian Bennett pens (keyboards?) a very interesting article on high school athletes’ use of social networking sites in their recruitment. One of the players highlighted is quarterback commit Devin Gardner, who maintains a Facebook page with updates and highlight videos and accepts fan friend requests. Very interesting read, although I find the whole business of “friending” potential players borderline creepy and a potential recruiting gray-area.
  • 2009 Big Ten Preview: Minnesota — Varsity Blue — Tim looks at the Golden Gophers, one of only two Big Ten teams to fall to Michigan last year. Unfortunately, we don’t play them this year, but he still provides a good in-depth look at a team that potentially is on the rise in the conference.
  • The Great Debate: The Iowa Hawkeyes — Maize n Brew — The Maize n Brew crew debates the merits of Iowa, who hosts Michigan for their homecoming game (a night game at that) this season. Personally, I think Iowa is overrated, but there are a lot of people who think traveling to Kinnick Stadium poses the toughest road test (or game, period) for Michigan this year.

Other Sports:

  • Former Wolverine Zach Putnam sets his sights on the major leagues — Ann Arbor News — Putnam, who starred as a starting pitcher for Michigan (as well as my alma mater, Pioneer High School), is now moving up the minor league ranks as a reliever in the Cleveland Indians organization. He hopes to be on the big club by next September, and it would be great to see him achieve that goal.

Boubacar Cissoko makes Dr. Saturday's All-Up-and-Coming Team (Clif Reeder/Michigan Daily)

Boubacar Cissoko makes Dr. Saturday's All-Up-and-Coming Team (Clif Reeder/Michigan Daily)


  • The Doc’s All-Up-and-Coming Team: Defense — Dr. Saturday — Matt Hinton (aka Dr. Saturday, fka Sunday Morning QB) pegs Mike Martin and Boubacar Cissoko as two emerging players to watch in 2009. Both are at positions of little depth and huge importance, so it would be nice if DocSat is dead on with his picks. Luckily for us, the guy knows a thing or two about college football, and both Martin and Cissoko should step up and be big-time players this year.
  • 2009 Opponent Preview: Ohio State — Varsity Blue — Tim takes a look at the Buckeyes, essentially coming to the conclusion that OSU fans better create some sort of injury-proof bio-dome for Terrelle Pryor to live in when not on the football field. The defense, on the other hand, looks damn good. Damn.
  • Michigan 44, Syracuse 0! (Nerd kicks extra point) — MVictors — Nobody digs up great historical stories like Greg over at MVictors. This one involves a scorekeeper asleep at the wheel (um, at the board?) in 1909 and the ensuing confusion as to whether Michigan beat Syracuse 43-0 or 44-0. Give the man his varsity letter!
  • Godzillatron, your time has come at Michigan Stadium — Maize n Brew — Count me among those who would love to see Maize n Brew Dave’s CLOVERFIELDTRON installed at the Big House. I want to see every blood vessel in Mark Dantonio’s face explode in crispy HD when Michigan lets everyone know exactly who is Little Brother.
  • U-M vs. MSU recruiting; Different approach, great results, analyst says — Detroit News — Angelique Chengelis interviews recruiting guru Tom Lemming, who is impressed by both the Wolverines’ and the Spartans’ 2010 classes. Lemming has effusive praise for Devin Gardner, which is, you know, awesome and stuff.
  • Henne: Spread seems fun for QB, but will it help transition to NFL? — Detroit Free Press — These Detroit headline writers really need to work on brevity. Anyways, Henne discusses the new offense, being a true freshman starting at Michigan (listen up, Tate) and how pro-ready spread quarterbacks will be. Interesting stuff.


  • U-M finalizes non-conference basketball schedule — Detroit News — Creampuff, creampuff, creampuff, Old Spice Classic, Boston College, creampuff, Utah, creampuff, OH GOD AT KANSAS, creampuff, OH GOD UCONN.
  • Vogrich is pick to click as freshman at Michigan — Lake County News-Sun — Local newspaper takes a look at incoming freshman Matt Vogrich, who was one of TSN writer Matt DeCourcey’s picks for impact freshmen in 2009-10. If Vogrich’s shooting stroke translates to the college game (and why wouldn’t it?), he could make a big splash this winter.

Other Sports: